Solace Counseling Services - Helping you find solace and the courage to heal
Solace Counseling Services offers a Self Pay option and also accepts In Network health insurances.  

Self Pay; Solace Counseling Services Self Pay option is a set hourly fee.  Self Pay is a very private way to see your therapist because session records are not required by an insurance company or an employer to gain reimbursement.  With Self Pay there are also no limitations on session frequency, length or number and healing can take place on your schedule.    

Insurance; Solace Counseling Services also partners with major insurance providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield and will bill In Network claims.  This option requires you to contact your Insurance Provider, understand your Mental Health Care Benefits and make certain that your Insurance Provider will pay for our services.   This option also requires you to pay any deductible and/or copay fee upfront.    Insurance companies – as well as some employers who provide them – require disclosure of personal information to reimburse claims. 

Any questions you have regarding your Health Care Plan or its Mental Health Benefits can be answered by your plan administrator whose number is normally found on the back of your insurance card.

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